FAQs Related to Translation Services

There is a rise in the globalization of things; this rise has created a pool of opportunities for translation companies. Now the translation services have become the necessity of all the companies who are willing to expand their business, who are willing to have their presence in different countries. Companies seek to hire the professional translation services or various purposes. For the medical document translation, companies hire different translator for the legal document translation companies hire different people. You can say that all translators have specific role assigned.

There are many people who are not aware of the translation services and usually the question roams in their mind but they don’t get the answers of those questions. If you too don’t know about translation services then you don’t need to worry here you will find the answers of all the questions.

Are interpreters and translators same?

You must have heard about translators, you must have heard about interpreters, people often get confused between them. They think that both are same, well it is not true. Translators and interpreters are not same. These two have a different career path.

Translators are those who translate a text document in another language, they maintain the exact meaning; they do it really carefully so there is no misinterpretation of words. Interpreters are those who deal with the verbal communication, suppose there is a deal being done, both parties speak different languages. Now how will they communicate of the interpreter won’t be there? Interpreter is the one who is involved in that communication; he is the one who translate the words so that the communication gets easier.

Does professional translator is pro in all kind of translations?

Well just like there is a different medicines to cure different diseases, there are different translators for the different sectors. There are translators that only deal in the medical translation; those translators need medical degree in order to qualify for that job. Some translators deal in the translation of legal documents, suppose you are in need of legal translation in Abu Dhabi, now you won’t approach the one who deals with the medical translation.

Translators deals in different niches, just like you can’t expect a medical translator to translate your legal document, similarly you cannot ask a legal translator to translate a medical document or material for you. Translator carries different certifications and as per the certification they get the jobs in public and private sectors.

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