How technology can help fundraising events

Fundraising and charity events are one of the hardest events to mount. You know why? Because organizers need to convince people that it is worthwhile cause. So fundraising event organizer are always wracking their brains on how they can bring something new to the table.

Unknowingly, the solution to boost your charity events is by using the latest technology. Here’s how you can incorporate them on your next charity event:


  1. Create a stunning landing page for invitation

The embossed variety and stationary is a classic way to invite someone. But with the proponent of technology, a lot of people are some sending their invites via email or landing pages. Boost event attendance by making sure that your prospective donors would know about your event. Create a moving but straightforward event website to introduce your cause and also about the organization. An outstanding information drive would help you draw attention to your event and increase the number of attendees, through physical and digital means.


  1. Use apps for convenience and incentives

Apps are creative for the convenience of users and using them for your event would not also hurt. If your budget allows, have someone customized as app for you so you can easily point prospective donors and attendees to the event. Moreover, you can also use these apps to give something valuable to donor, like a reward or incentive. Remember that these generous benefactors are shelling out money to help your cause and giving a sort of incentive would encourage them to continuously support your cause.


  1. Make the event interactive

So, you started strong with your information drive and event digital campaign. Why not take this to the actual event to give it a more interesting touch? As simple as including a 360 video booth would surely give the attendees an unforgettable experience. They can keep the video as a souvenir and also enables them to share the event on social media.


  1. Tell compelling stories through videos

A picture paints a thousand words but a video can move hearts. Instead of showing the usual photos and imageries, create a good storyline and invest on a powerful video stories. Videos are more interactive on telling stories, especially when you are dealing with prospective donors.



  1. Track performance through analytics

The success of an event would depend not only on the amount of contributions, but also on how the audience felt. You can track this including analytics on your metrics. With some analytics, you can record on the engagement of the audience and the campaign performance. Companies like so their clients can store and export data and use this on planning their next event.

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