Believe it or not, you can start your very own business in Dubai in just a week, once you have all the legal requirements sorted out. Reaching your entrepreneurial goals does not need to be daunting and stressful. Legal formalities can be settled. Just consider some of these elements needed in the entire process:


*             The type of business you want. The kind of business license you need depends on the type of business that you want. The business license can be either commercial, industrial, or professional licenses. These ultimately define the basis of your entire operation. Take note that business activities like jewelry trade, legal consultancy, food trading, and veterinary services need approvals from other departments in the government.  According to the DED (Department of Economic Development, they have at least 2,100 activities from which you can choose. You can contact DED if you cannot find the one you need.


*             Business ownership. If you are a foreign entrepreneur and you want complete ownership of your company, choose a location in one of UAE’s free zones and get a license. Don’t forget to choose the specific business activity for your DED license.


*             Required legal forms. The legal forms you need to complete depend on the rules that cover your company, the type of your business, and your business location. Be prepared for the restrictions concerning company structure.


*             Your chosen trade name. This is also known as your company name. It should readily indicate the nature of your business, unless it is a branch or franchise of an already existing company. The rules that cover trade names can be accessed in the DED website.




It is normal for any entrepreneur to start small. If you want to have your own business and you only have Dhs999 or even less than that, here are some businesses you can start in Dubai:


*             Academic tutor or teacher. You can teach anyone whatever skills and knowledge that you have. Your expertise is valued and many people can benefit from it. You can concentrate on specific subjects per student. You can also teach how to pay musical instruments. In Dubai, use the Fiverr app, so that you can be heard and seen much easier.


*             Web developer or graphic designer. This is the career or business for you if you are skilled in making designs for specific clients. If you know coding, you can have more clients because many SMEs in Dubai are waiting to be placed online. A web developer or a graphic designer in Dubai is also known as a master of social media. One of the perks in this career is that you get to choose your clients and you have control over your schedule.


*             Influencer via social media. Promoting and sponsoring products are the two main activities of an influencer who uses social media. You just need to have a huge following and make a service or product look good. You can purchase a domain for 50 USD (Dhs200). Once you purchase that domain, you can setup your website.


*             Photographer. If you have a professional camera, you can use that to be a freelance photographer. You can start shooting photos of friends, so that you can expand your portfolio. Once people know your work and what you can do, soon, you will be shooting photos at corporate functions, birthdays, and even prenuptials.


Perhaps it is time for you to start your own business in Dubai. Just discover your passion and know your niche. With proper preparations, you can be a successful entrepreneur in no time.

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