7 interesting facts about figure skating costume

Figure skating is a very interesting sport. Its ballet leotards have different history and invention. There are many interesting facts about them scroll down to read what the seven interesting facts about them are!

  1. There 100,000 crystals on each skating costume. The designers sew crystals on the costume by hand, therefore, it takes around 40 hours to sew sequences on it.
  2. Skating costumes are very expensive. The minimum price of the costume is $1500. That’s why skaters buy one to two costume each season and use it the whole year. Many of the costumes can cost $5000.
  3. There are fashion and trends in figure skating costumes as well. In past, the costumes have sleeves that cover arms. Later swim-suit like costumes were preferred by skaters. Right now, sleek and glossy costumes have gained a lot of attention. The designers take inspiration from other clothes and dresses.
  4. Biellmann spin is one of the most difficult steps in figure skating that could tear your clothes even. In the steps, a person has to lean back, hold the skate and lift it over the head. The skaters spin so fast at that time to glue eyes of the audience that they don’t even notice that their closet is malfunctioning at that time.
  5. To avoid controversies and hateful comments, the organized has made it necessary for women skaters to wear a skirt or tights with leotards or unitards. The law was made after Katarina Witt wore feathers with a leotard and that costume created controversy.
  6. Judges deduct one mark if the dressing or costume of the skater is inappropriate. According to the laws of the US Figure Skating Association, the costume should be modest enough to reflect the character of the music. They are not allowed to wear jewellery or theatrical costumes. However, the majority of them ignore the rule and wear jewellery or shiny clothes.
  7. Skaters cannot use props in the competition or events but many of the competitors use them and make their performances unique and different.

So, these are seven interesting facts about figure skating costumes. Figure skating clothes can skip your beat for a second with their glitter, shine and sequences. Many of them have bright colours and feathery appearance that can make you buy them.

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