A complete guide about hiring web developersGeneral 

A complete guide about hiring web developers

In previous time, whenever you wanted to make a website for your organization, the first thing that used to come in your mind that you should hire a web developer of you should have been a web developer by the profession. But now content management systems for example WordPress, Jomla and others have made easier for the people to build a website. But after all this, there are still some reasons left which can make up your mind to hire the web developer like it would save a lot of your time and you’ll also get a guide by the developer in the complex situations. 

To make your projects run smoothly, we have put together all the important points in the guide by which you’ll easily hire a web developer for the website development.

When you are looking for a web developer, you must know what you want to achieve otherwise things would become a little difficult for you.

There are few changes that could made to the website which are

  1. Design: You can modify logos, header images or you can also change the layout of the page by adding new affects and design on it.
  2. Coding: The changes could be made by using custom images or you can make change to your website management’s panel.

Every person is specialized in different area. So make sure you are hiring the right person.

Kinds of developers:

Different skills and job description comes under the term of “Web developer.

Developer vs designer

A designer: A designer is someone who will give the look to the website. They are mostly expert in Photoshop and graphic designing due to this reason they create images and icons. Web designers only gives an idea that how the website will look like. They also have a great command on CSS, JAVA and HTML.

A developer: A developer is someone who will develop your website by writing code and he can even make changes in the code.

Front- end Vs Back-end developer:

Front end developer: Front- end developers and web designer are similar to each other in a way that they use the same language and both are responsible for the representation of your website.

Back-end developer: They deal with all the technical work of the website and it is their responsibility to make the website work. They have a command over Java, python and other languages.

Freelance vs Full time

Well it totally depends upon the length and the complexity of your project. If you want someone who can make your website and hand it over to you then a freelance developer is an ideal chance and if you want some amendments in your website, you can hire them again. But if you want someone who can run your website and keep a constant check on it then full time developer would be the best choice.

Website development agency Dubai have a great future ahead as web developers are in huge demand.

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