How To Organize Your Exhibition StandGeneral 

How To Organize Your Exhibition Stand

If you’re looking to improve your booth’s visibility at an upcoming tradeshow, hiring exhibition stand design companies in Dubai is a wise decision. Organize a guest appearance or two during a special drinks ceremony to promote your products and services. Creating competitions to promote your brand or product is another way to generate attention at your booth. And don’t forget to announce the winners of the competitions during the tradeshow.

Exhibitor planning:

Building up your exhibition stand will help you get noticed by customers and prospects. Putting signage high up on the walls will catch their attention, and you can also add lighting to your stand to create an attractive mood. Lighting will also highlight important areas, messages, or products. Adding these features to your exhibition stand will help you achieve the maximum impact with your booth design.


When staffing your exhibition stand, it is important to remember that not all visitors are leads. Some may just be browsing or have a general interest and not necessarily meet the criteria for your target audience. Ensure that your stand staff understands your target audience and how to talk to them. By doing so, you will maximize the ROI of your exhibition. Also, be sure to staff your exhibition stand with the right number of people for your objectives.

Creating an immersive experience:

An immersive experience requires a lot of technical equipment and expertise. The best way to get the most out of the technology on your exhibition stand is to use an immersive projection screen. A huge screen in a stand will have far more impact than a 60-inch screen, but you need to ensure that the technology is reliable and will not disrupt the immersive experience. To create an immersive experience, you need to consider several factors, such as the size of the venue, budget, and the type of technology used.

Using striking color:

If you’re planning to exhibit at an exhibition in a large space, it may be a good idea to use striking colors to create a visual impact. As every color has its psychological impact, there are some key considerations when using striking colors to organize your exhibition stand. Light yellow, for example, represents intellect, happiness, and prosperity. Light blue, meanwhile, is a good choice for those working in the health-related industry as it represents understanding, healing, and tranquility. A dark black, on the other hand, signifies knowledge and professionalism.

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