Things to know about cigarettesGeneral 

Things to know about cigarettes

We all know that addiction is something very hazardous to the human health. Addiction, even if of not something very dangerous to health can be proven to be lethal. This is because excessive use of anything in this world is harmful to people. But there are some things which are extremely harmful even for one time use, yet the general people become so much addictive to it that leaving it takes a whole lot of effort and in extreme cases, becomes seemingly impossible.

One such thing is the cigarette. They are getting more and more popular worldwide this is why we can see so many cigarette suppliers in Dubai who actively perform in the supply of cigarettes in the local areas. With the increasing demands there are more and more tobacco companies in Dubai setting up. If we look at it, all of this is very alarming situation, because cigarettes are clear cut lethal to human health and everybody knows that, still the increase in the spread of cigarette clearly tells that most people are not aware of what a cigarette actually is and what it can do to your health. This is why, to put in some contribution, we have brought you a detailed article on what are cigarettes so that many people may understand its threats more easily.

A cigarette is a thin stick like looking object which is burnt at one end and then smoked at the other end. A cigarette is filled with many different substances, the highlight of which is the tobacco. It is also the key ingredient in the cigarette which is present in the most abundant quantity inside a cigarette. All of the ingredients are then wrapped in a very thin type of wrapping paper, and then rolled in a way that it resembles a thin and long stick. It is also to be noted that cigarettes are the sole reason for a major number of diseases that are related to heart and lungs. Most people even develop cancer in the region surrounding the mouth, the throat and the lungs. This alone is enough to say that cigarettes are extremely harmful to the human health.

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