Things to Know Before Going For Scoliosis TreatmentGeneral 

Things to Know Before Going For Scoliosis Treatment

If you are considering scoliosis treatment in Dubai, there are so many important things you need to know before the treatment. In this article, you will learn about X-rays, Physical exams, Treatment options, and the risks of scoliosis surgery. You will also learn about the complications associated with scoliosis surgery. You may benefit from a spinal fusion if you have a curved spine. The surgeon uses wires, metal rods, or hooks to correct the curvature of the spine. Sometimes, bone grafts are also used to repair the spine.


The X-rays for the scoliotic spine are important for diagnosing the condition. They can show the extent of the curvature and how much growth is left in a patient’s spine. The spine may be completely straight sometimes, but a curve of 25 to 30 degrees is considered significant. Further, a curve of 45 to 50 degrees is considered severe. X-rays are also necessary for determining the skeletal age of a patient. A child may stop growing once they reach adulthood, but the doctor needs to know how many more growing years a patient has to determine the course of treatment.

Physical exam:

The physical exam for scoliosis should begin in early childhood and continue throughout the child’s growth and development. It begins with laying the child on their back and palpating the spine with the opposite hand. The physician will look for neurofibromatosis, spinal dysraphism, and asymmetric skin folds. If there are any of these signs, the doctor may recommend a X-ray.

Treatment options:

There are many treatment options for scoliosis, from surgery to non-surgical approaches. If you suspect scoliosis, consult a physical therapist or an orthopedist. These medical professionals can help you determine which type of treatment will be best for you. Your doctor can also help you decide on a course of treatment based on your needs and preferences.

Complications of scoliosis surgery:

This study aimed to present actual data about the rate of complications of scoliosis surgery. In addition to providing an accurate prediction of the risks associated with scoliosis surgery, the study included detailed case reports and outcomes. Many patients have experienced serious side effects after surgery, so it is important to have realistic expectations about the outcome. The rate of complications after scoliosis surgery is higher in children and young adults.

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