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They say that being fit and healthy relies more on your diet. Food is a quick way to stay healthy. All you need to do is determine what foods you should eat. You can have as many health foods as you want, especially if you live in Dubai. The only problem is that there are some health foods that are sneaky enough to add calories to your healthy diet. Here are some of them:


*             Sushi. Sushi comes in small portions, but it is packed with high glycemic, short grain rice, which is enhanced with white sugar and vinegar. Sushi rice has a high glycemic index number, making it very quick to digest, spiking up your blood sugar. Its consumption should be kept at a minimum. Another thing is that even if you become full from eating sushi, it doesn’t leave you feeling full for long. It makes you crave more sugar once your blood glucose levels go down after it spikes.


*             Fresh fruit juices. Sadly, most fruit juices should be avoided, unless the label says it’s made of 100% all natural fruit juice. Freshly squeezed juices are often popular among those who want fresh, naturally sweetened drinks. Take note that when you juice a fruit or a vegetable, you lose the fiber. All you are left with are the micronutrients and the sugar content. You need fiber to keep you full, to regulate your blood glucose levels, and to flush out toxins. Do not juice all the time. Eat the whole fruit or drink juice in small portions or cups.


*             Dried fruits. It’s fruit, right? Just dried up. Yes, this is true about dried fruits but remember that all the sugar in them becomes concentrated. It becomes a carbohydrate-rich choice for a snack. Dried fruits involve the process of dehydration, which eliminates all the water from the fruits. The sugar content intensifies, increasing the calories for each gram. Some makers of dried fruit even add vegetable oils, preservatives, and more sugar. Always read the packaging before you buy them.


*             Any kind of nut. Eating small portions of any kind of nut plus a serving of fruit is a healthy snack. The problem usually results from eating an entire bag of nuts each day. Remember that eating three handfuls of almonds is equivalent to eating an entire meal. Nuts are a great source of micronutrients and fats. Just be sure you eat the in small portions (the size of your palm).


*             Soy products. This is rich in protein, which is why it is popular among vegans and vegetarians. Even if it is a healthier source of protein, it is still recommended that you limit your intake it. Take note that all commercial soy products are GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and that soy imitates estrogen in your body (phytoestrogen), which is why it usually brings about hormonal imbalances in the body. Get organic soy products instead. If you are diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, avoid soy products completely.


These food items are truly healthy to eat, but always see to it that you consume them in small portions. Like they say, anything in excess is bad. Dubai has an abundance of these foods, so it’s up you to regulate their intake, especially if you want to maintain that waistline.

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